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Our Mission

To help those who are doing good do it better.    

Our Vision

All people will feel especially well cared for, by someone in their community.

Our Values

Zolor Group magnifies the impact of people and organizations who are serving and caring for others. We do this by helping them recreate their business processes to achieve maximum value from their resources - and we have fun doing it, in a colorful way. 

  • Teamwork

  • Efficiency

  • Continuous Improvement

  • Innovation

  • Colorful Creativity

  • Fun

  • Compassionate love and respect for each individual

  • Gratitude

  • Integrity 


The Zolor Name and Logo

Zolor is a word created from the founder's name, "Zone," and the word "color."

Why the dot? The letters of the word "Zolor" represent the five basic shapes, used to draw anything in the world: an angle line, a circle, a straight line, a curved line, and a dot.

The logo signifies three important attributes of Zolor's message. The arrows move around in a path of continuous flow and continuous process improvement. The negative space shows the letter "Z," reminding us to look at things differently when approaching solutions. And finally, it was not until we thought "outside the box" of the rectangular "Z" shape that the logo design became possible, as the corners of the arrows broke into space that had previously been "off limits."  

The logo was created with help from Zolor Group members, Lisa Mathis, Charlene Vermeulen, Christine Dennis and Shelley Kelly, and vectorized and animated by Luke Barker, Graphic Artist.